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Since 1969, Pinks & White has protected the rights of Long Island businesses engaged in commercial disputes. Our skilled trial attorneys draw on more than decades of experience to provide high-quality litigation services to companies in Nassau and Suffolk counties and throughout Long Island. We represent banks, construction companies, contractors, and other providers of goods and services in complex litigation involving real estate contracts, construction contracts, purchases and sales of businesses, and a wide array of other commercial transactions.

Seeking equitable relief for aggrieved clients

When a commercial dispute arises, immediate and decisive legal action can often limit a company’s losses. Seeking an injunction to prevent injurious conduct is a necessity in many situations, such as:

  • Wrongful eviction by your company’s commercial landlord
  • A company officer’s breach of fiduciary duty
  • A debtor’s fraudulent transfer of assets to frustrate a lender’s collection efforts

A swift injunction can often prevent irreparable harm and prevent economic damages that would be hard to calculate or prove. Another remedy in equity is a lien. When a contract stipulates property as security for an obligation, and the obligation is not met, the unpaid party can have a lien placed on the property. The owner of the property cannot sell without using proceeds of the sale to repay the lienholder. But the lienholder may foreclose on the property to force a sale to satisfy the obligation. Our firm often helps lenders enforce their rights through liens on real property. We also help contractors and subcontractors place and enforce mechanics liens for breached construction contracts.

Pursuing damages for business torts and breaches of contracts

When your business has been damaged by tortious behavior or a breach of a commercial contract, you are entitled to damages, which can include:

  • Actual damages — These damages are calculable amounts of the losses you can prove you suffered.
  • Liquidated damages — These are the amounts the breaching party must pay as stipulated in the contract.
  • Lost profits — Based on anticipated profits “but for” the tort or breach, these amounts can be difficult to prove, especially for new businesses.
  • Restitution — Restitution involves the recovery of amounts expended in reliance on the contract.
  • Statutory damages — In cases such as trademark infringement, damages levels may be set by law.
  • Punitive damages — Rarely available in breach of contract cases, but common in business tort cases where the defendant’s conduct was willful and malicious.

When your business has been harmed, you can trust Pinks & White to fight for the appropriate remedy and maximize your recovery.

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Pinks & White is passionate about protecting our business clients’ rights through highly professional commercial litigation. We offer free consultations for new clients at our Hauppauge office. Call us today at 631-234-4400 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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